FIRDS / FITRS Processor

FIRDS / FITRS – Instrument Reference Data and Transparency Data


The requirement to provide daily reports to the regulator containing detailed Instrument Reference Data presents MiFID II trading venues and systematic internalisers with the problem of sourcing that data. Fortunately, ESMA – the European Regulator – is committed to providing that data on a daily basis. This data source has the benefit of being the same data used to validate the reports submitted. ESMA is also committed to providing transparency data on a regular basis.


Oktris provides a solution for both ESMA FIRDS (reference data), and also ESMA FITRS (transparency data). Both solutions automate the task of taking the large data sets from ESMA, and placing them into an easy to work with database which can be queried directly or via the FIX protocol for convenient integration with existing trading applications. FIRDS allows an investment firm to generate the necessary regulatory reports that are dependent on reference data. The FITRS solution allows a firm to identify if something would be eligible for pre and post trade waivers and deferrals prior to initiating trading. Both data sets lend themselves to market intelligence mining – Some examples may be “which trading venues or SIs are active in which asset classes”, “who are the most active in specific OTC derivative areas, and which areas are growing”, and so on.


The capability to process Financial Instrument Reference and Transparency Data produced by the European Regulator, making it directly available to firms for the purposes of management information, and also the basic underlying pre-requisite for MDP reports.

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